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FA:United! Is just 90 days away!

FA:United! 75 days left to Pre-Register!
90 days left until the convention!

FA: United
Aug 1-3, 2008
Marriott Newark Airport Hotel
Furry Convention in Newark, NJ

In the May News Letter

Online Registration - Ends July 15th!
Hotel Reservations - Reserve by July 15th for only $99 a night, rates good 7/31-8/4/2008!
Dealer Registration - Act now!
Call for Panelists - Want to host a panel?
Convention Charity - New Charity for 2008!
Website updates - Hall of Memories!
Room OM NOM! - For you and me!
Community - FA, Google Mailing list, LiveJournal, Forums, MySpace, YouTube!
Volunteering - Learn how to get a backstage pass!
Video - A blast from the past, something from our masquerade!

Online Registration Ends July 15th! Just $30 to Pre-Register for tickets to the best concert of 2008! Purchase membership levels as a Groupie, Roadie, Front Row, or Number One Fan! All the prices and perks are listed on the website, Number One Fan's get an extra special gift, but in order to confirm your hold on one at the convention, you must register no later then July 15th!

Rooms are going fast so hurry and reserve your room for just $99 a night! Call the Marriott (1-800-228-9290) and tell them your reserving your room for the 'Fur Affinity: United Convention' to get the special rate! No extra costs for Single/Double/Triple/Quads Occupancy! You must reserve your room by 5:00pm on July 18th!

Dealers! Tables are almost sold out!! If you still want a table, send an email to or go to our website and click through to dealer information! Every Dealer level includes one Groupie Membership (our basic level).

Want to host a panel at FA:United? We want you to come be a part of the fun! Showcase a talent, teach a workshop, or Socialize with an interest group! Send an E-mail to or go to our website and click through to panels to find out more on how you can host a panel!

We have a new charity for 2008! The New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals! The NJSPCA advocates for the animals of New Jersey by advancing their welfare, promoting their interests, and fostering the human-animal bond through programs, education, and service. The New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was created in 1868. Its agents were established as Law Enforcement Officers in charge of investigating and prosecuting all persons involved in Animal abuse and neglect. To learn more about them go to our website and click through to Charity. You can find out even more at

Visit our website for new updates and announcements about FA:United 2008! A new section on our website is called Hall of Memories! Click on 2007 to see videos and pics, find out how to submit your own to be added!

ROOM OM NOMNOMNOMNOM! Spending all your money on gas for traveling, our awesome T-Shirt, a hotel room, and commissions in the Dealers Room? Find out you have no money left for NOMs?? Come over to our consuite and get your feed! You may have heard the rumors, and they are all true! Come find out why we believe we have the best ConSuite on the east coast! It is open to all attendees.

Keep in tune, join FA: United's mailing list today! Visit our forums to keep in touch with Staff and other members of the community! All on our website,
We also have FA Profile:
A Live Journal Community:
A MySpace page:
And a YouTube Profile:

Interested in lending a hand volunteering and getting a Backstage Pass to everything FA: United '08? That's the spirit! Backstage Pass members get to help the staff of FA:U to ensure that our rockstar guests have everything they need! Find out more on our website or sign up at the convention!

A blast from the Past! FAU2007! A Masquerade skit
Sox Pup hosts as Dex (AcesWild) makes some magic with the help of Durango Dingo! Tig "Crash" Wolf, Shortwave P. Husky, and JD Puppy also appear.

FA: United
Aug 1-3, 2008
Marriott Newark Airport Hotel
Newark, NJ

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