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y hallo thar (cross-posted everywhere..)

I understand that I've never introduced myself before, so here I am. I'mma try and do it well.

Hm. I'm (almost) 20 yrs old. Hailing from Northern Massachusetts. I have a car, but my gas is limited (If there 's ever happening around here, which there rarely is.) I am currently attending college courses at Middlesex Community College. I am single, and loving it. I've been into the fandom for about six years now. When I was new, I was obviously chastised, but now I know what I'm talking about. My species is a blue-furred, Russian Blue/American Short Hair cat mix. I am overweight, I know that, and proudly show it. Um. I'm interested in networking, meeting new people, and trying out new things. I have a lot of information on how to reach me VIA my LJ userinfo, but I also have the following instant messengers and websites if anyone wants to get in contact:

AIM: CrestfallnFeline
MSN: (also my e-mail)
YID: (junk mail)
ICQ: 386446776
IRC: Kobaruto, usually lurking

My interests include (but are not limited to) 2 Ranting Gryphon, VIDEOGAMESSS, music of every sort (my collection of albums is reaching the 2000 mark), computer networking, industrial/goth rock subculture, anime (mostly the more dark-oriented animes, like Death Note, currently), going to concerts, going to clubs, playing pool, singing, learning to play the drums (I'm still a beginner), DDR (google "DDR fat kid", that's me a few years ago before I grew out my hair. haha), and having a good time.

And, so, anyway. Hello, everyone. Sorry I've been quiet for so long. Haha.

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